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Carry Akroyd

Born in 1953 and living in the countryside in a small village

in East Northamptonshire 12 miles north of London. Carry grew up in this area, which is a border area between heavily cultivated land and untouched nature, with large parts of wetlands called "Fens" and "Reedbeds".

She sketches on location and then processes the impressions in her studio - some impressions become paintings, watercolors and acrylics, and in other cases the expression becomes graphic in various techniques, e.g. serigraphs which she does entirely by hand and in very small editions or lithographs in collaboration with a litho printer - also these in small editions. She also works with linoleum cuts and woodcuts.

Especially in her landscape depictions is the bird's eye view. From above she sees a landscape divided into uneven fields of many colors and she also sees traces of human life lived below ground with traffic on the roads and industries on the horizon with their dark clouds of pollution. It could be a barn swallow or a swift that hovers over the landscape and scouts for food that is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Carry Akroyd is a member of the "Society of Wildlife Artists" and regularly exhibits with the association in the annual exhibitions in London.

She became chairman of the cultural society "John Clare Society" in 2016 after for many years having the 19th century poet, the "peasant poet" John Clare as a source of inspiration in her nature and landscape skits where the farmer and writer John Clare already described a landscape a couple of hundred years ago in conflict between nature and man.

Among many illustration assignments, John Clare's well-known "The Wood is Sweet" and "The Shepherd's Calender" can be mentioned in this context. Among many other assignments there are, for example, illustrations for "Sky Full of Starlings" by Stephen Moss and "The Great Fen" by Chris Gerrard.


Carry has written and illustrated a number of his own books such as "Found in the FIelds" and "Nature's powers & spells, Landscape Change, John Clare and me" and otherwise illustrated around thirty books about animals and nature in England.

  She regularly exhibits at various galleries in Great Britain and is represented at, among others, Jesus College in Cambridge, Oundle School, Edith Cavell Hospital and Monarch Chemicals.

Watch and hear Carry talk about his art and work on YouTube.

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