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Hilke MacIntyre

Born in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany and living near

St Andrews on the Scottish North Sea coast.

Works with painting, graphics and ceramic reliefs.

As a graphic artist, she works in linoleum cuts and woodcuts.

Hilke MacIntyre studied art and architecture in Kiel and worked as an architect in Germany. In 1995 she moved to Scotland where she concentrated on the artistry. She draws inspiration above all from primitive art, the expressionist art of the early twentieth century and contemporary design.

"My art reflects my surroundings. In all three media I enjoy the process of

simplifying and transforming reality by introducing bold shapes, color and pattern”.

Hilke MacIntyre is represented in around thirty galleries in Scotland, England and Wales and regularly exhibits at the "Royal Scottish Academy" annual exhibition "RSA Annual Exhibition"

Participated in Galleri Pictor's collective exhibition " &" 2017

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