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Jeremy Speck

Jeremy Speck is a graphic artist and artist who runs the graphic

the workshop "Double Elephant Printmaking Workshop" (DEPW)"

in Exeter in South West England.

There he also holds courses in various graphic techniques such as "relief printmaking"

which in England is usually the same as linoleum cut and "letterpress", a technique which, like the linoleum cut, is a so-called high-pressure technique and which in Swedish is called letterpress. In some of his images in letterpress, he gives the designation "letterpress" a double meaning because in content and form he uses precisely "letters", letters to shape the image.

The high-pressure technique also includes woodcut, in English "woodcut", which Jeremy Speck also masters and uses for some of his own graphic works.

Planographic printing is another graphic technique - this includes, for example, lithography and serigraphy,

the latter a technique that Jeremy Speck both teaches and prints his own images with. Jeremy Speck's design language is both abstract and figurative.

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