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Ulrika Christell

Born 1961, Simrishamn.

88-90 Forum Preparatory School of Painting, Malmö, 90-92 Biledskolen i Copenhagen, 92-94 Forum Graphics School in Malmö, 94-98 Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, master's degree in liberal arts.

Exhibitions in selection - Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Graphics Biennale in Slovenia (95) Lindesbergs Museum, Swedish Graphic Designer in Odense, Art Museum in Stockholm, Kristianstad County Museum, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm, Höganäs Museum, Halvyllska palatset, Stockholm, Sofiero , Helsingborg and Gallery DanArt, Glemminge.

During the years 2000-2010, she has been artistically responsible for the Äppeltavlan in Kivik. In collaboration with Christina Högardh-Ihr, she created the large 25 square meter rose painting in Malmö in 2010 as a tribute to the crown prince couple Victoria and Daniel and the Rose Krinoline for the Rose Festival at Fredriksdal Museums in Helsingborg the same year.

Emma Karp Lundström is represented, among others, at the Statens Konstråd, Grafikens Hus and in Simrishamn's art collection.

Emma exhibited in the gallery 2-26 June 2011 together with Christina Högardh-Ihr and later returned in the Advent Open the same year 26/11-18/12.

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