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Astri Bergman Taube Akvareller

The young Astri Bergman trained in many different techniques at art schools in Stockholm and in Paris, an education that she completed after her studies in France and Italy with studies for the sculptor Carl Milles at the Royal Academy in Stockholm. Finished with her studies, she married Evert Taube, who had courted her since her time in Italy.

At the beginning of his career as an artist, Astri worked a lot with sculpture with a particular focus on children and children's heads as motifs and models. There were also many orders for portraits of children as well as adults, busts and medallions. Astri and Evert also exhibited together before family life, household chores and raising children took up most of Astri's time. Despite this, she managed to keep her artistry alive and when the children grew up, she resumed her sculpting, but now also with more drawing and painting, especially in and of her beloved summer residence Sjösala in the Stockholm archipelago.

She started exhibiting again, not infrequently with her husband Evert but also with other artists and separately on many occasions. The collaboration with the national poet Evert Taube also expressed itself in a number of graphic folders with Astri's illustrations to Evert's texts, usually a few lines from well-known songs.

After Evert's death, there was more time for his own creation - sculpture, watercolour, drawings, drypoint and lithography. She got in touch with the printer Fernand Mourlot in Paris, considered the foremost lithographer in the art of printing. The inspiration flows and in just a few years Astri creates more than thirty lithographs, most with motifs from the Swedish archipelago but also with motifs from Provence in the South of France and from Santorini in Greece. Now it's not about illustrations anymore, but graphic art at a high level.

It is parts of this graphic from the years 1976 to 1980 that we show at Galleri Pictor. We have done it before but think it is more than worth doing it again, this time supplemented with previously not shown leaves. The exhibition also consists of her contemporary watercolors, watercolors that were added in the preparatory work for the lithographs, as well as small, humorous sketches from travels in Provence.

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