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About us

The world's first global gallery guide has listed 25,000 galleries. We are one of them. Since we run our gallery in the Swedish countryside where it is sparse between the galleries, it feels safe to have been housed in a larger context.


In the slightly smaller context, where we are active, we look forward to every visit to the gallery and every meeting with art as a common denominator. We are happy to convey experiences of art and we get a very positive return. Communicating joy and stimulation with the help of art and with the art that we ourselves are stimulated by, is a true joy and, in fact, the gallery owner's innermost driving force.


We - ie Charlotte and Lars Gunnar are art historians with their bachelor's degrees in their luggage and long experience of exhibitions, their own and others'. By now, when our new website is published, the gallery has made almost 400 exhibitions, most of them in their own premises but also exhibitions at various workplaces or public premises.


An additional driving force for us is our curiosity about art, a curiosity that has taken us far beyond the boundaries of the local community - we pick up art where we find what interests us.

and appeals to us the most. The visual message is boundless in nature.


We have tried to find a concise motto that characterizes our business. We are currently stuck for "makes it visible" which could mean, in all modesty, to give a scene to art. Thank God many others do too - at least twenty-five thousand...


Do you want to know more about us and about the gallery's activities and history - read more here…

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Galleri Pictor
Galleri Pictor
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