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Jennifer Saxell

Born 1955 in Vancouver, Canada, lives in Lunarp, Scania.


Selected solo exhibitions: Le Studio, Santa Monica, USA (04) L.A.Farm, Los Angeles, USA, CVAG, Vancouver Island, Canada (06) Galleri Max, Ystad (09, 10, 11 and 13) Galerie Copenhagen, Copenhagen (09 , 11) Backlund Gallery, Gothenburg (10, 13) Ängeln Gallery, Lund, Södertälje Konsthandel & Gallery, Pavillon Heller, Ballan-Miré, France (11) Sea Pictures Gallery, UK, Vättern Motala Gallery, Swedish American Museum, Chicago, USA (12) Gallery Holm, Malmö (2013).

Collection exhibitions in selection: Ystad Art Museum (92), Galleri Nordica, Ystad (94), Galleri Max, Ystad (02-06) Galerie Copenhagen (08-12) Bollerups Borg, Bollerup (10), Center d'animation de la Haye, Ballan-Miré, France (11), Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm 2013).

Represented: Swedish American Museum, Chicago, USA, Municipal House in Ystad, Swedish Consulate in Los Angeles, USA, Municipal House in Haugesund, Norway, Polylemi AB in Sweden and Polykemi Compounds in Kunshan, China and City Hall in Ballan-Miré, France.

Exhibited with Galleri Pictor in collaboration with "uno form" in Stockholm October 2014 and at Galleri Pictor, solo exhibition July 2015. Read about Jennifer's exhibition on Pictor's blog.

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