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Lise Lundgren

born 48 in Lund.

Educated, among others, at the Academy of Arts with further education in graphics 1997-98.

Had his first solo exhibition in 1990 and has since exhibited separately at the Finnish-Swedish Cultural Center in Hanaholmen, in Botkyrkas and Enköping's art galleries, the Grafiska Sällskapet in Stockholm and at Grafik i Väst in Gothenburg.

She has also participated in various group and collective exhibitions, including at Liljevalch's Spring Salon and at Gävle konstgrafiker.

Lise Lundgren is represented with her works at, among others, Sundsvall's museum and at the Statens Konstråd and Stockholms Konstråd.

Participated in Pictor's collective exhibition Grafik 07 spring 2007 with new images inspired by travels in Colombia and Guatemala.

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