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Slow Art Day April 13 Extra Open

8 apr. 2024

"Slow Art Day" is a movement that was born just over ten years ago at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and which now includes more than one hundred and fifty participating art museums and galleries. The idea behind the movement is simple - Give yourself more time to study a selected piece of art instead of rushing around trying to see all the works on display. Contemplate what you see for eight minutes instead of the eight seconds that is the average for painting.

There are various suggestions and ideas on how to fulfill the objective. Each of the participating establishment managers does it in their own way and all the reports are then compiled centrally at the office in New York. We have participated with our gallery for a few years with subsequent discussions within various groups - which has been very rewarding for everyone - but this year we are just extra open for everyone to devote so many seconds and so many minutes to a single specific work, several works or the entire exhibition, for which one feels that one's time and interest are sufficient. As usual, really.

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