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Slow Art Day at Pictor

12 apr. 2023

On the other hand, we have a two-day Slow Art Day at Pictor because we are kicking off with a group of art students from Folkhögskolan in Munka Ljungby on Friday. They will look intently at a picture by the Swedish artist Hans Wigert, while the gallery's visitors on Sunday choose which picture they want at the Spring Exhibition, look for a long time, analyze and interpret the picture and get a cookie and a cup of coffee for the trouble - yes, the pleasure! A warm welcome Sunday, April 16 (13-16) on "Slow Art Day"!

During the "Slow Art Days" thirteen years, more than 1500 galleries and museums on seven continents have participated and the leading idea has been and is that it is not important what you look at but that it is you who is looking that is important and that you see what you are looking at. Slow Art Day is a global art event with a mission: "to help more people discover for themselves the joy of looking at and loving art"

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