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Webbissage "Bremain Friends"

2 jan. 2021

The exhibition "Bremain Friends" with graphics and paintings by the artist friends in Great Britain is now displayed on our website. Later, the exhibition will also be shown at the gallery as planned. We are following the development and will return to the date for this.

Exhibitors / Participants

Carry Akroyd, Laura Boswell, Clare Curtis, Diane Griffiths, Layla Khani, Hilke MacIntyre, Richard Shimell and Jeremy Speck.

Click here (or on the image) and you will be taken directly to the exhibition. You can read about the artists by clicking on the exhibition's nameplates and you can already shop at the exhibition if you wish - contact us.

The painting above 'Fragmented Landscape' by Diane Griffiths is on display at the exhibition.

The exhibition is shown digitally until the pandemic situation allows us to open the physical gallery for visitors.

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